Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Little Heathen

Hmmm....where do I begin? Oh yes...first I have to say "What was I thinking?" As an animal lover...I just invested in another puppy. Why do you ask? When I already have two (a 13 yr old Cocker spaniel and a 3 year old chihuhua). I don't know why....maybe I secretly want to be one of those animal hoarders. God help me!!!!
The newest addition to the Wilsoncroft family is a teacup chihuahua named Lola. She weighs only 1 lb 8 ounces, so really she doesn't take up alot of space but geesh....her bite makes up for everything else. Did I mention that she is a little heathen? When I compare her to my first chihuahua Sophie...there is NO comparison. Sophie was the most perfect and I say that with a capital "P" dog on the face of the Earth. She only ever peed once in my home and pooped once and as for chewing on my children's toys....she never did such thing. She played with her own toys which were always scattered all over the living room like a cyclone had come through it.
But what was I thinking? That all chihuahua puppies were this good? Hell to the NO!!! Sophie set the bar sooo high that poor Lola sits on the low end of the totem pole. Honestly.....looking back Sophie wasn't a normal puppy...just the perfect puppy. Lola is a normal active rug muncher who does what puppies do best...peeing, pooping and chewing. Thank God she is cute because honestly...that is what is saving her little white fuzzy ass.....and the fact that I do love puppy breath.
That is another story all together....Puppy breath......the second best smell next to the smell of a newborn baby.


  1. I completely agree with the puppy breath. I also love the little pudgy bellies after they eat. We had the same experience with our newest member of our family. He is soooo different from the Boston Terrier we had before.

  2. We love "puppy breath" too! Camo is 6 1/2 wks old and his breath is awesome!!! Kalee always said that puppy breath is the BEST thing ever!!!

  3. Jamie, I LOVE it! I can soooo relate! This blog is great and reflects your wild sense of humor1 LOL! Love it! More, please! :-) ~Theresa Oliver