Monday, June 11, 2012

We only get one chance in life to love ourself.

Writing my romance story Fat Chances came easy for me, not because I am overweight, but because I was self conscious about my hearing aid. Kids were just as cruel twenty five years ago as they are today. It's sad but true,  we live in a world where looks matters and it shouldn't be that way. Alot of teenage girls and boys struggle with everyday peers to become popular or 'just to fit in'. They are  either overweight, or have skin problems or speech impairment or because they are poor or live in a trailer. The list goes on and on.

Now that I am older and wiser(I'm complimenting myself here) lol, I see things in a different persepective.  Here's how I look at it. If we were all six foot tall with platinum blonde hair and crystal blue eyes and perfectly fit with a tight ass and stomach, the world would be awfully boring. Just imagine everywhere you look, it would look like Barbie and Ken working at McDonalds or Barbie and Ken at the checkout in Walmart. Barbie and Ken EVERYWHERE!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!

Damn!! I think I would rather look at Zombies!!!!!

So, what I am trying to say. Be proud of your five foot frame with brown hair and hazel eyes and those freckles across the bridge of your nose and shake that fat ass of yours and show them that you are proud of who you are. Learn to love yourself because we only get one chance in life to do it. Once we're dead, there is no second chance.

I don't care what anyone says....WE ARE NOT PERFECT!!!

So without further ado, here is my new romance story Fat Chances. It's available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, Nook and Smashword.

                                                              FAT CHANCES                                                         

Annie Powers is eighteen and overweight. When her twin sister, Molly talks her into going to a Zumba class, all Annie expected was a lot of sweat and sore muscles. But when she laid eyes on the very handsome and muscular Zumba instructor, Cory Shields, not only did he leave her gasping for breath from the exercises, but also from their kiss.

Dazed and confused, Annie struggles to understand why someone like Cory would be attracted to her. At the same time, Cory tries to make her understand that she is just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

Annie knows she needs to learn to love herself before she can let Cory into her life. But can she?


  1. This is so totally a lesson I wished i learned 20 years ago. It took me a long time to love myself, and still working on it. You out that into words so eloquently. I think we should give your book to every high school girl in america!!!! <3

  2. Awwwwww....thank you. You made my day. ;)