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Randee Stevens is new to the erotica world.  Her first sexy story came to her while lying in bed with her hubby one night. They were watching television and a commercial came on. It was one of those commercial where the guy is sniffing the carpet. *shaking head* I mean really who sits around sniffing carpets all day? Maybe your clothes or your armpits to see if they stink but carpet? Really? So anyways, she turns to her hubby and says "That would make a great title for a story." And so story ideas started popping in her head and soon Scratch-n-Sniff was born. and NO...its not about sniffing carpets. hehehe 

Scratch-n-Sniff is basically a short sexy story with a bit of humor to it. Yes, there is sex, there is language and yes, there is self gratification. Isn't that what erotica is? hehehe 

So if you are looking for a funny and sexy story, check out Randee's Scratch-n-Sniff. Give this author some love and spread the word for her. And here is the best's only .99

“Oh. My. God!” She choked with laughter. It usually took a lot to make her blush, but she could feel her cheeks burning as she stared at Tony.

“You must be smoking the wacky weed or something because you are crazy… and disgusting.” She added, stifling her laugh.

“Nah. I don’t touch that stuff. I’m straight as an arrow. I just don’t always shoot straight.” He joked. He knew that sounded corny, but the more he talked and stared at her breasts, the more his brain turned to mush and his cock took over. He could feel it pushing hard against his jeans as he looked down, hoping it wasn’t saluting her. Shit! It was. He glanced back up at Tasha and noticed she was staring at it too. Damn it!

A huge smile grew on her face.

“I can see your other little arrow is ready to shoot too.”

He quickly turned around and walked back behind the counter. Tasha giggled. She loved making men blush…and squirm. 

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  1. Loved this story!!! Have it on my kindle and will admit to reading it more than once. ;) Great blog post