Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weird dreams.....

Did you ever take a nap and woke up with the most vivid story idea in your head? Yeah, rarely ever take naps and happened to me tonight, although it wasn't a story, it was a poem. Which is weird because I totally suck balls when it comes to writing poems. All the rhyming and smyming...blah blah blah. Well this evening I woke up thinking about a woman name Stella, not sure if I was thinking about Elaine from Seinfeld or not. LOL  Here is the poem....

                      OH STELLA


Oh Stella, with your hair so brown

And your lips so red.

Roaming the city streets,

Looking for someone to bed.

Oh Stella, with your shoulders so broad

And hips so wide,

Keep turning those tricks

You’ll never be a bride.

Oh Stella, with your dirty broken nails

And grungy wedding dress

Keep lying and cheating

Your life will always be a mess.

Oh Stella, your fairy-tail dreams are shattered

Your heart is broken in pieces

Walking those lonely streets

With just you and your Maltese.
Go figure!! I'm a poet and don't know it. bahahaha 
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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