Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To all Writer and Authors.......A piece of my mind......

Well....it's official. I just finished writing my third novel, The Unfaithful Widow. Now let the editing begin. Thanks to my new laptop, I shouldn't have THAT much work to do. (I hope). lol  Anyways, my story The Unfaithful Widow wasn't excatly a story that I had planned on writing. I was still in the middle of finishing my sequel to Roller Coaster Love when this story kept popping into my head. Believe it or not I get alot of my story ideas while I'm grooming dogs. GO FIGURE!!!! Sometimes I try to push them away, especially when I already have 4 other stories going. I swear I'm going to give myself a brain aneurysm one of these days. So anyways the hard part is about to begin, trying to find an agent whose has a soft spot for me. Whoever said writing a book is hard, have no clue. Thinking of a new and exciting story comes easy to me, just sitting here on my fat ass for weeks or months waiting for an agent to respond is the hard part. I have no patient. And getting a rejection letter......well that is a SLAP in the face. I know we are supposed to have  tough skin when it comes to the rejections, but seriously, that's why some people write, to get away from their troubles, to get lost in a magical world or fall into arms of a handsome man. We don't want to have tough skin, we want to be accepted for who we are.......a glorious writer. :)  Soooo KUDOS for all you writers and authors out there, who are trying to make it in the world of literary art. It can be a tough picture to paint.  Love and Peace, Jamie Wilsoncroft

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